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This is my letter to Dr. Lyons dated 23/4/1985.

Dear Dr Lyons,
I enclose copy letter to the DPP and Press cutting from the Sunday World which are self explanatory.
I had hoped that after over seven years work I would have met with understanding and compassion but unfortunately every avenue of "escape" to the truth was well blocked. I found it unbelievable that Solicitors in general appear to be a race apart and are more concerned with protecting their image and colleagues than with my brother Freddie.
I was verbally abused, threatened and systematically undermined in order to make me afraid of the power they hold and to submit to their actions!
Fortunately I am not impressed, just saddened that men in a position of trust would put the interest of their colleagues first and ignore the person whom they are paid to protect.
I did appeal to the Lord Chancellor Lord Hailsham for his help but again my letter was sent back to the Northern Ireland Office, so back to square on again.
These men act like a pack of wolves - when one is "hurt" the rest circle round and put up barriers that make it impossible for the average person to penetrate the system. One is not supposed to rock the boat under any circumstances.
I had to engage a solicitor which I could ill afford in order to protect Freddie from Court Officials. I was advised by MIND of Harley Street, because they were so far away, to engage a solicitor here in order to monitor them.
I wil not give up no matter how long it takes. Fortunately I am not overawed by the Legal Profession in general, only sadly dismayed at their combined force against the basic human rights of a mental patient.
It is a terrible situation when one has to go outside N. Ireland in order to get the attention and interest that should, by right, have been given to Freddie by the Courts here.
I had hoped that this case would have been above board and that I would not have had to write to you as I realise you are an exceptionally busy man but I would welcome any help that you can give.
We are trying now to have Freddie's affairs removed from the jurisciction of the Courts because of gross negligence by solicitors in charge.
We do not wish any other family to go through the mental torture inflicted upon our family by these officials, who are not concerned with Justice.
Thank you for reading my letter and I do hope you will be able to help Freddie get back the home property and money given to him by my father long before he died in order that Freddie would not be a burden on any of the famly or anyone else for that matter.

Yours very sincerely,

(Mrs) Eileen Wright

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