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My letter to solicitor Fearon dated 10/4/1986.

Dear Mr Fearon,

Thank you very much for your letter of the 9th April.

Mr. Hall persists in stating that we were informed about all review hearings etc.

We were not told about the decisions which took place on the 6th March or the review hearing about Little King Street and Winetavern Street. That is why I used the work "plunder" with regard to Freddie's estate. I consider it a most temperate word when you think of how Freddie was treated by professional people. I said this plunder was still going on because Mr. Hall refuses to go into the above sales.

In respect of the sale of Little King Street, solicitor John Morris acted for a would-be purchaser Thomas Dobbin who was a builder. Thomas Dobbin stated he never reached a point of agreeing to purchase the property. He never signed any agreement or made any deposit on this property.

[I hope to find the rest of this letter.]

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