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My letter to solicitor Fearon dated 7/8/1985.

Dear Mr. Fearon,
After speaking to your to-day, I suddenly thought, 'Why does Mr. Hall want to rush ghis case through before action by the Ryland Group'?
I have a funny gut feeling that we should ask for a posponement because I feel he is trying to have all over before the Ryland case is heard.
How can Mr. Hall almost on demand have a case heard with hardly any notice and yet other cases cannot even get listed, and even when listed, cannot be heard? He must have some good influence.
Now that the Fraud Squad are going back to 1972, which I have requested over all these years, and are going into every property deal, I feel we should sit back and let Mr. Hall stew a little longer.
I don't think we should jump to his command.
Betty says she'll call in with Mr. Stewart and suggest a posponement also.
Hall has got away with too much already. We would be going into that Court at a total disadvantage as I feel no matter what we say, MacDermott, Kerr and Hall have it all signed, sealed and delivered like the last Court hearing. These three 'heavies' so to speak, wouldn't give us a chance. If Hall thought we had a chance he certainly would not have called this case.
I bet they have had many consultations with their heads locked together in order to outwit us otherwise Hall would not want a Court hearing so quickly.
So would you agree with this? Why should we be rushed into something to suit Mr. Hall? We would be putting our heads on the block in order to benefit Mr. Hall and his colleagues.
Any person who bought property from Freddie innocently have nothing to fear. Such people can sue Tughan & Co for the return of their money. After all, Tughan & Co accepted Freddie's signature with criminal intent in order to divest him of everything my father gave to him.
They came into our home purely to take advantage of a mental patient and a 78 year old woman. Could you find anyone lower than that? The whole thing disgusts me.


Eileen Wright.

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