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My letter to Chief Inspector Rawson, Fraud Squad, dated 22/8/1983.

Dear Mr. Rawson,

As you are probably aware, I have for some years been endeavouring to have the affairs of my brother, Freddie Andrews, investigated with the view to having those who defrauded him of a major part of his assets brought to justice.

When my Father died my brother was mentally retarded. He was left with an estate intended to keep him in comfort and security for his lifetime. There was no reason to interfere in his affairs by anyone. Nevertheless soon after his Father's death, at least five solicitors (one of whom now occupies his house) and others have been involved and his properties have been sold, apparently illegally. After that Freddie was put in the Care of the Court.

Mr. Drennan of Cleaver, Fulton & Rankin was appointed by the Court as Committee to sort out and manage his estate, but beyond getting 20,000.00 returned to him by his sister, the rest of his efforts were abysmal and futile. [I have only recently discovered that even this action of the Official Solicitor was totally wrong. In fact the 20,000.00 Mr. Drennan stated was Freddie's money, was in fact my mother's own money left to her personally by my dad and which she gave to my sister. This was the continuation by the Official Solicitor of the manipulation of my family members which was begun by Charles Gilpin and solicitors Tughan & Co some years earlier. The office of the Official Solicitor was determined to take control of ALL cash and property belonging to our family. The way they did it after the High Court put the Official Solicitor at the time in charge of Freddie's estate, was to get ALL the family cash and property under the umbrella of Freddie's estate. My elderly and bereaved mother even complained about the whereabouts of the money her husband had left her. A year before my mother's death, the Official Solicitor at the time even had a Committee appointed (another solicitor) to take control of my mother's rightful assets before she died. This was done without the family's knowledge and without the family being consulted. These people are sick, sick, sick.] No efforts were made to expose the truth concerning the property deals and his reports indicate that the past would be swept under the carpet with the thieves left with their ill-gotten gains.

It appears to me that if efforts and enquiries were to be concentrated on proving the authenticity or otherwise of signatures attributed to my brother on relevant documents, very serious charges could be based on the results. If the Police could obtain photostats of documents containing signatures (or imitations of them!) attributable to Freddie it would surely expose the fraudulent nature of these machinations, and with such evidence Court Orders could be obtained to inspect the originals.

The "raison d'etre" for one particular person, a milionaire "evangelist", involving himself in the affairs of the Andrews family was to acquire, by any means whatever, certain properties which he had been unable to obtain while my Father was alive.

I would appreciate an interview with you at your earliest convenience. You will, I am sure, understand my feelings of anxiety and frustration after my years of effort to obtain justice for my brother who is quite unable to defend himself from these predators.

Yours truly