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My letter to Hall dated 15/8/1988.

Dear Mr Hall,

With reference to your letter of the 9th inst., in reply to mine of the 7th inst., you made no effort to clarify any features of Freddie's case in your office or in the Courts. Our concerns are still legitimate.
You, Mr Hall, may wish to avoid re-opening issues but the family do not. Freddie's case cannot be closed as nothing has been solved to our satisfaction.

We must be given proper audited accounts with relevant Bank statements and yearly income tax returns since Mr H Wright and the late Mr C. Gilpin assumed power to set themselves up as Trustees.

There is no use Dr A Lyons setting up meetings if they are not conducted in a dignified and useful manner. Answers must be given in writing to questions asked.

Up to date you have made every attempt to direct our solicitors in your favour. This interference must stop.

We must be given the opportunity to present the facts to the Judge in person if necessary.

A copy of this letter will be sent to my MP and Dr A Lyons.

Yours faithfully.

(Mrs) Eileen Wright

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