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A letter from me to Official Solicitor Hall dated 21/11/1983.

Dear Mr Hall,

I enclose herewith the Police Report for your attention. I hope that this will clear the air a little before the next court Hearing.

These are a few questions I would like to receive answers to:

    (1) Why did Messrs Tughan and Co. and Mr C Gilpin take complete control of Freddie's affairs?

    (2) Who suggested this firm of Solicitors to my Mother. My Father would not have engaged this firm of Solicitors or have them in any way interfering in his son's affairs.

    (3) Who benefited by this takeover?

    (4) Why was the firm of Tughan & Co. allowed to pay back over 24,000 into Freddie's account after such a long time?

    (5) Why was a Summons issued at such a late date? Is this not criminal abuse of the client's money? Are the general public allowed the same privileges or are these 'benefits' set aside solely for the Legal Profession.

    (6) Why was I led up a blind alley for over two years by Cleaver Fulton and Rankin?

It was made totally plain to me over these two years that the Solicitors involved gave more protection to their colleagues than the patient who was expected to pay heavy fees for their incompetence, and total disrespect for the trust put upon them by the Judge.

It is hardly surprising that not one complaint ever reached the ears of the Judge in 34 years.

To put my own and the public's mind at ease I would like to be assured that every single Ward of Court is now fully protected.

I find it difficult to understand why I was not interviewed by your office. I was led to believe that you were to see me after your appointment last January.

Would you be good enough to let me have answers to questions asked.

It took me six years to get Freddie's case brought before the Judge and I certainly do not intend to give up until Freddie has all his properties including his home returned to him without further delay.

He must also receive full compensation for being fraudulently deprived of all his valuable assets.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

(Mrs) Eileen Wright.