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My letter to Official Solicitor Hall dated 29/8/1988.

Dear Mr Hall,
We put our brother Freddie Andrews into Care in January 1979 in order to have his affairs fully investigated. When nothing wa done by the first Official Solicitor, the late Mr J Drennan, in almost three years, we approached the Fraud Squad.

On reviewing our case ten years later we find the sequence of events since January 1979 both horrendous and frightening.

There is no way the family will allow Freddie's affairs to be kept secret or the family be denied the right to see accounts etc.

Freddie was used and still is by the courts, as a piece of merchandise to be exploited because of this mental incapacity.
All you, Mr Hall, managed to "gather up" were the crums of his estate, and you expect the family to be ecstatic! We will not allow Freddie's affairs to be kept under such conditions. We must have statements of accounts, income tax returns, movements of properties etc., since Messrs Tughan & Company took control of Freddie's and my mother's estate on the advice of their client the late "Christian" entrepreneur Mr C Gilpin after the suddden death of my father in August 1972.

The thieves and conmen who took advantage of Freddie and my elderly mother, got more protection than the patient. Freddie would have been better served in open courts with open minds. Closed courts gave no protetion to Freddie. It only prevented the public from being made aware of the unsavoury details of Freddie's case and the skulduggery that goes on in the corridors of power to prevent a mental patient getting back his inheritance. During your term in office you solved nothing, you refused to go into how Freddie's estate had been mismanaged since the death of my father. You blatantly refused to speak or listen to the family or the fraud officer. How can you say that you were "at all times exclusively directed by the Judge" when the Judge was never given the facts?

Large sums of money changed hands and stolen property sold and rented, yet neither the previous Official Solicitor nor yourself did anything about it. No effort was made to co-operate with the fraud officer, who tried on two occasions to speak to you.

You allowed Mrs Deirdre Bowers to spend 7,000 of Freddie's money, without consulting the family. The kitchen and bathroom were left in an unsightly mess because Mrs Bowers said Freddie had no money left. He hadn't even the money for a new cooker. I have now had to pay for one myself. It doesn't say much for the state of Freddie's affairs when the thieves were allowed to leave Freddie in this state and make money out of him and the Care & Protection Office look the other way.

The take-over of Freddie's estate ws well planned by well heeled manipulators and business tycoons. They knew they would get no opposition from a metal patient or his elderly mother. When evidence of fraud, misappropriation, forgery and malpractice was exposed by experienced fraud officers and handed to you, you preferred to let sleeping dogs lie.

No one, on matter how high his or her position, should be above the law or be able to abuse it to such an extent.

You bombarded solicitors we attempted to engage, and the family, with long-winded letters which bore no resemblance to the truth. These letters became more pernicious as time went on and more wide spread. You persistently phoned their offices which appeared to leave them afraid to act against your own opinions and wishes.

You should not have interfered in the office of the D.P.P. or R.U.C. or attempted to solve a case that is 80% criminal and 20% civil.

You had no legal right to take over my mother's affairs when she had a good solicitor or withold money left in her will. You did this purely to use this money a a "horse deal" to stop my sister taking action against Mr H Doherty of Cleaver Fulton & Rankin and Messrs Tughan & company. To the family it smelt too much like blackmail. You had no right to interfere in my mother's or sister's affairs.

You are not entitled to hold the Deeds of property given to my sister by my father in 1966. These must be given back now to the rightful owner. You made an unholy mess of Freddie's affairs. We don't want you to make a mess of theirs.

Freddie was given specific properties that can be named, long before my father died. Where are they? You keep confusing everyone by talking about companies. These properties are a separate issue and had nothing to do with any company. Mr C Gilpin and his solicitor Mr H Wright had no good or legal title to sell any of Freddie's estate including his home.

Why did Messrs Tughan & Company allow Gilpin access to Freddie's affairs? What Smithfield property did Gilpin sell for 1,000,000? According to the fraud squad he gave this money to his son and daughter -in-law who was the widow of the late Neville Johnston. This couple now live in Jersey.

What Smithfield property did Mr H Wright sell to the Ryland Vehicle Group for 375,000 when he had no good or legal title?

All properties and monies that changed hands must be accounted for and illegal sales fully investigated so that Freddie will get the true value of his estate and not be left in the impoverished state of not being able to afford a cooker! You have been unwilling to solve these crimes within the confines of your office. You used your powers to obstruct us being heard.

The fraud officer, who accompanied us to the first Court Hearing expected all to be handed over to the D.P.P.
The family and the fraud officer walked out of the court in disgust at the treatment dished out to Freddie in the courts. We let you know in no uncertain terms what we thought of your kind of justice but you persisted in forging on regardless.

You had no right to engage an estate agent to set a back rent or undervalue property that had been stolen from Freddie or engage a Q.C. to act in estate agent Mr Dean's interest. We should have been allowed to engage a solicitor and Q.C. to work in Freddie's interest and to whom we could communicate. I do hope Freddie was not made to pay for your Q.C. or your estate agent.

Mr Drennan's Report contains many irregularities. You will notice he has sited Freddie's Showroom in the wrong place.
Also the first and second accounting are far from clear due to many errors. Who passd these accounts? Was it the Accountant General? Could anyone give us an explanation why Mr Drennan's name was on the ledger cards in the Industrial Bank in Bangor since 1977 as trustee for Freddie when we didn't put Freddie into Care until January 1979?

We can well understand why you, Mr Hall, refuse to give us a copy of Mr Drennan's Report. Why should Freddie have to pay fees to Cleaver Fulton & Rankin when his affairs were so badly mismanaged?

The clock must not be turned back or draconian methods used to deny a patient his basic human rights and be denied the right to repossess properties and monies taken from him illegally. He is not evern allowed the true value of his estate, because it would upset too many big people involved. It doesn't say much for the so-called care and protection of mental patients. The situation you have landed Freddie in is beyond belief.

Would you please put down in print the name of the Barrister you said Mr Fearon contacted when I paid him 1,000. Never at any time did I speak to this Barrister nor did he ever appear in court on my behalf. If you give me his name I will write to him. We would never have needed solicitors if you had given Freddie the protection he deserves.

Your office has outgrown its usefulness. All must be handed back to the R.U.C. for further investigation.

You have left us with no option but to start again beforre any further blunders are made.
A copy of this letter will be sent to Mr Millar so as he may pass it over to the Judge for his consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Eileen Wright (Mrs)
A copy will be sent to my M.P. and Dr A Lyons, Senior Consultant.

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