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My letter to Hall dated 5/10/1988.

Dear Mr Hall,

Thank you for your letter of the 19th September.

I have been responsible as Freddie's guardian for his personal and financial needs for over six years. I am entitled to have statements of accounts and yearly income tax returns since the death of my father in July 1972. You are aware that we have made many requests for these accounts but to date our requests have been ignored by you. Consequently, I would like a written record of all movements of property and money since the death of my father in July 1972.

I hope your illegal takeover of my mother's affairs will not deny the family of our faithful and trusted housekeeper for 20 years the right to the money and interest accrued left to Agnes, now deceased, by my mother.

Perhaps now after your holiday you will have the time to answer all questions asked. The Official Solicitor is responsible for Freddie's affairs and not the Master.

A copy of this letter will be sent to my MP and all interested parties.

Yours faithfully

Eileen Wright.

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