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My letter to Hall dated 7/8/1988.

Dear Mr Hall

I was shocked to know that you are continuing to interfere in my affairs when at a meeting with my solicitor Mr Shannon last Thursday.

You spoke to my solicitor about letters I sent to Mr H Doherty, clerk of Cleaver Fulton & Rankin. This is a very underhand manner in which any Master should act especially when in a position of trust. This has nothing whatsoever to do with Mr Shannon. If Freddie's case is reduced to this level, one must be scraping the bucket.

These letters are not secret. They were put in the hands of the RUC years ago. I will inform my sister's barrister of your remarks. I would be willing to explain my position in open court if necessary.

At that time I understood Mr H Doherty to be a solicitor as he appeared to act in the capacity of Official Solicitor. I had no option but to write to this office as we were never given the opportunity to have meetings. We never met the Deputy Official Solicitor Mr Rankin. We were kept completely in the dark.

Would you please let us have the names of solicitors and counsel you said we had at this time and to whom you say we refused to listen? We were never told that a committee existed or were we ever asked to take part. From whom did you get this incorrect information?

We put Freddie in the care of the Court in January 11979, in good faith. We didn't realise that almost ten years later when he was in "care" we would still be fighting for justice.

You have managed to frighten off solicitors I attempted to engage. You used your unlimited powers and position to stop my being legally represented.

You said in writing that you saw no evidence of undue influence. How could you expect to see evidence when you did not know the family. You did not allow us to take part in the compiling of your Reports which are now obsolete.

You reduced the experienced fraud officers' findings, gathered over a three year period, to "just notes and jottings" and appeared to take over the role of the RUC and DPP. Who were the senior officers you were constantly in touch with?

There are no remarks in your Reports about the inaction of Cleaver Fulton & Rankin for almost three years or why two higher offers for Winetavern street were turned down by Mr C Gilpin and Mr H Wright because they were not cash offers. What happened to the cash? Could we see these accounts? Who paid compensation. How much was it and what was it for?

Your excitable behaviour at the meeting in your office recently, your emphatic NO to our demands to see accounts and yearly income tax returns etc - the waving of documents above your head which you denied us the right to see - the explosive verbal attack on my sister which was a disgrace, does not give us confidence in those responsible for the care and protection of mental patients.

We have the legal right to see bank statements, movements of property and accounts since the date Mr H Wright and his client the late Mr C Gilpin assumed the power to plunder Freddie's estate and set themselves up as Trustees. We have the right to read Mr Drennan's Report.

We respect the Judges's wishes that everything should be open and above board and available to all. Are the family to be excluded from this openness? Is Freddie the only patient treated in this manner?

You had no right to accept back rent set by your chosen valuer for the nine-year illegal occupation of Freddie's property without first discussing this with the family. We would never have accepted such a low figure. The first Official Solicitor had no right to ignore the letting of Francis Street to the Housing Executive from 1982 until 1985 or allow sales to be concluded when Freddie was in the care of the Court. No-one had the right to sell any property belonging to Freddie or give back 35,000 with gross interest for a so-called tender. Who made the tender? What right had anyone to accept a mental patient's signature on legal documents?

Up to date we have seen no evidence of Care or Protection. If you wish us to point out how we reach these conclusions we will be only too glad to compile a list of our observations.

We were never given the opportunity to swear affidavits or give submissions in court. My sister and I made one attempt but our submissions were summarily stopped.

You opposed, with the help of your QC, the higher valuation by 12,000 for Freddie's home and were willing to accept the lower valuation by 40,000 made out by your valuer for Freddie's Smithfield properties. Who were you representing and who was representing Freddie?

You should have used your powers to protect Freddie and make sure his estate was properly investigated and administered both before and after your appointment. The fraud officer who accompanied us to the court should have been given the opportunity to speak in court on Freddie's behalf. You spent 4 months on Freddie's case when you wrote your first Report. The fraud officer spent three and a half years getting direct information from banks, visiting estate agents and solicitors involved, yet you would not allow him to speak and be heard. You preferred the word of Mr H Wright whom you praised in court and who is now out on remand on criminal charges, and Messrs Tughan & Company.

When may we see a just and lawful ending to this long saga and be given relevant accounts?

We have made many submissions and statements in writing but they are never answered. We will never see the end of this case if you persist in interfering with our solicitors and continuing a personal vendetta.

The stress and harassment our family had to put up with is unbelievable. We have at all times been treated with aggression and arrogance.

Under these strains I had to look after my elderly bed-ridden mother and Freddie. I could have done without personal attacks and unwarranted intrusions.

This house was in such a bad state I had to decorate three rooms and carpet two at my own expense and engage a gardener to keep the lawns and hedges in order.

Mr Shannon is an excellent solicitor. I was glad to meet him and noted he wasn't afraid to speak out on my behalf but I will be phoning him to tell him I don't need a solicitor because of our interference.

May we have accounts as soon as possible?

Eileen Wright (Mrs)

A copy of this letter will be sent to all interested parties.

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