- My letter to Jackson Andrews dated 9/3/1982.

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My letter to Jackson Andrews dated 9/3/1982.

Dear Sirs,
In reply to your letter of the 26th February, 1982, I must say on behalf of my sister Vera Douglas and myself that we cannot at present agree to such a meeting as suggested by you.

As to the approval of Accounts referred to by you, I should be glad if you would please let me have a copy for perusal of, and also, details of:
(a) My mother's Capital Assets as returned for taxation purposes.
(b) Particulars of her Income from her own separate estate.
(c) Particulars of her Income from my father's estate for each of the last three years.
(d) A copy of any accountancy fees charged by Jackson Andrews & Co for each of the years since the date of my father's death.
(e) What authority has Mr. Burnside to charge accountancy fees, there being apparently no authority for the employment of other accountants in my father's Will.
(f) In what way are the separate members of the family involved in the present negotiations as we would not appear to be entitled to any income from my father's estate until after the death of my mother.

Upon receipt of all this information we shall then consider the matter further.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

Eileen Wright (Mrs.)

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