Please note that text in red denotes my comments

A letter from me to a journalist dated 9/11/1993.

Dear David,
I was interested in your programme this morning and would like to know why "ordinary people" are refused Legal Aid for Libel Cases.
I would love to hear a discussion of how mental patients and their "Carers" are treated when they are placed in the "Care" of the office of the Official Solicitor. It is very important that people should be made aware of the pitfalls.
We put Freddie in "Care of the Courts" in late 1978 because his entire valuable estate was plundered after the death of my father in 1972. We in our naivety blamed ourselves and believed that my mentally handicapped brother would get Justice in an open Criminal Court but because so many members of the Legal Profession took advantage of my brother's incapacity all had to be controlled behind closed doors and in secret. The Hearings were orchestrated and controlled by the second Official Solicitor. The Detective we were forced to go to in 1981 was not allowed to speak and the two Statements given by two senior psychiatrists "that Freddie would have no knowledge or understanding of what he was signing" were never asked to the Hearings to give their Statement. We are now into the 5th Official Solicitor and no nearer the truth.
I took your advice in your enclosed copy letter and contacted "That's Life". I was given a contact number early this year but unfortunately "That's Life" was suddenly taken off the air.
Paul Foot then of the Morror, came over to see me in Belfast and as you can see gave me excellent coverage.
I wrote to MIND in Harley St years ago and then MENCAP but when Paul Foot's assistant got in touch wit MENCAP on my behalf, they had already been given a long letter from the, then, Official Solicitor. If it was anything like the one enclosed you can understand why I could get no help.
Your proramme could help carers of mental patients be aware of their rights. I would not like any other family to suffer the arrogance of those in the position of trust who can abuse that trust and put lies down on paper with impunity. Their main task was to ensure that their leal colleagues who grossly took advantage of Freddie's incapacity should be protected. This was done in a most cruel, inhuman and underhand manner.
I appreciated your enclosed letter very much and I can understand you could not treat Freddie's case as documentary.
I would love to have the views of other people who are in the same position as myself. I feel like Atlas with the world on his shoulders.
Our members of Parliament up to date have not been too keen to open this "can of worms".
I am over 71 and have been looking after Freddie for 12 years and fighting this long for Justice.
I do not want to pass away and leave freddy in these peoples' "Sare". Don't worry, I have managed to keep my sense of humour.


Eileen Wright.