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My letter to John Laing Development Ltd., dated 23/10/1990.

Dear Mr Taylor,

I enclose copy letter to the D.O.E. with regard to the fraudulent takeover of my mentally handicapped brother's entire valuable estate between 1972 and January 1980.
Your London solicitor should contact the Ryland Vehicle Group in Birmingham who bought 61 to 65 Smithfield and 1 to 11 Francis St. in January 1980 from solicitor Mr H Wright, late of Messrs Tughan & Co. for 375,000. I wrote to the Ryland Group to inform them they had bought property stolen from my mentally handicapped brother. They took action against Mr. H Wright almost ten years later in January 1989. According to the presiding Judge, Lord Justice O'Donnell, this 375,000 'for some reason or other' went straight into the account of Messrs Tughan & Co. Mr. H Wright was struck off for life as an acting solicitor and is now out on suspended sentence. My brother got nothing for this part of his estate. Mr H Wright disposed of my brother's entire estate and these crimes have yet to be dealt with.

How did your solicitor obtain the Deeds prior to January 1989 and who gave your firm permission to build on this ground long before this case was resolved in the interest of the Ryland Group in the Criminal Court? When did you obtain the Deeds from the Ryland Group? Your London solicitor has been badly advised by your Belfast solicitors, Carson & McDowell and the Official Solicitor.

How did you obtain the Deeds of my brother's other properties that were fraudulently taken from him between 1972 and 1980? These crimes have never been resolved and your firm are now in the same position as the Ryland Vehicle Group. Your solicitor in London would be well advised to sort things out. He did appear in his letters to be cautious of taking advice from your solicitors in Belfast and the Offcial Solicitor.

All deals relating to Freddie's ownershp have effect on the Title that your firm derived from the D.O.E. and the Official Solicitor who never at any time worked in my brother's interest.

In the first Official Solicitor's Report in 1980, no reference was made about the fraudulent sale of Freddie's large showroom and 1 to 11 Francis St. He sited the showroom at numbers 68/69 Smithfield instead of 61 to 65 Smithfield.
The first Official Solicitor, the late Mr J Drennan of Cleaver Fulton and Rankin, must have known this was incorrect information as the above deal to the Ryland Group was finalised during his term of office. The reason for siting the showroom on numbers 68/69 should be obvious.

The D.O.E. had no right to sanction any deals done on Freddie's behalf until all fraudullent sales of my brother's properties including his home, Winetavern St., and 3 to 5 Little King St., had been resolved in the Criminal Court. My brother's incapacity was used and abused by those in so-called positions of trust. He was left without a penny to his name and his entire inheritance dissipated.

If your London solicitor would contact me I will gladly provide him with the true facts. The family were forced to contact the Fraud Squad in 1980 because of the inaction of the first Official Solicitor to protect Freddie's interest.
The investigating officer, in his three-year indepth investigation, exposed crimes of fraud, forgery, malpractice and misappropriation. We will persist until these crimes are brought up in an upen criminal court. Freddie is entitled to Justice and will not be denied his basic human rights.

I do hope to hear from you at an early date.

Yours sincerely,

(Mrs) Eileen Wright.

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