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My letter to Law Society dated 11/6/1988.

Dear Mr Davey

Your letter of 11th April re: the pending proceedings against Messrs Tughan & Co., you stated that you were expecting the final pre-hearing to be taken within the next 10 days or so and would anticipate that the hearing will take place in the not-too-distant future.

Would you be good enough to let me know the result of the final pre-hearing and the actual hearing?

Mr Roy Beggs M.P. has had a personal meeting with the Attorney General. He gave him all relevant data and copy letters with regard to the fraudulent takeover of my brother's estate.

It is a terrible situation when an ordinary family are driven to take such drastic steps because of the inaction of those whose duty it is to protect mental patients.

It is a sad reflection on society that we have had to spend nine years, with opposition from those in positions of power and authority to protect the basic human rights of my brother who cannot defend himself.


Eileen Wright (Mrs)

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