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My letter to the Law Society dated 21/9/1987.

Dear Mrs. Neeson,

With reference to your letter of the 11th March 1987 re. Mr. Herbert Wright - solicitor.

You state that "the disciplinary Committee found that Mr. Wright's handling of the matters complained of amounted to unprofessional conduct". You also emphasised that the Committee "was at pains to point out that there is no dishonesty involved".
I would like your office to note that the family put Freddie into the care of the Court in January 1979, yet Mr. H. Wright was allowed, together with his client the late Charles Gilpin, access to the deeds of properties belonging to my brother between August 1st 1979 and January 25th 1980.

Is the Committee and your office still of the opinion that there was no dishonesty involved?


(Mrs) Eileen Wright

Ps. Perhaps you would please refer to the letter Ref. MD/DMSA from Michael Davey and my reply.

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