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My letter to Law Society dated 30/10/1987.

Dear Mr. Davey,

Thank you for your letter of the 15th October, you state that it is the Society's function to place facts before the Disciplinary Committee and for that committee to draw conclusions. From whom did you get your "facts"? Did you interpret these facts as coming from a true and reliable source? It appears to the family that there is abundant evidence of collusion and suppression.

With reference to the third paragraph of your letter it was my mentally handicapped brother Freddie who was ruthlessly and with ill intent divested of his estate and not a nephew.

My brother's Smithfield properties were sold by the late "Christian" entrepreneur Mr. C. Gilpin and his solicitor Mr. H. Wright with the full knowledge that they had no marketable title. They had no right by law to sell to the Ryland Vehicle Group, property that did not belong to them and ask 375,000 for stolen property. Who got the 375,000? Did your office make any enquiries to find out? Is this not an offence in the eyes of the Law Society? Should all this not have been fully investigated before putting in print that there was no dishonesty involved? How do you interpret the word dishonesty?

My elder brother Billy, suffered a nervous breakdown after being put under undue influence, manipulated and harassed until he was put out of business, after the sudden death of my father.
When in a state of distress he was taken into the office of Messrs Tughan & Co. and ordered to sign papers when members of that firm were present. He asked for his solicitor but was told by Mr. H. Wright that he did not need one. My brother has already made a statement to the Fraud Squad naming names. Needless to say my brother never fully recovered from this ordeal.

We can find no evidence of any attempt from anyone to expose the truth. It is a sad reflection on society when a mental patient's condition can be used to feather the nests of manipulators and his signature accepted on legal documents. All this has been persistently ignored over a period of years. There is no protection for mental patients in Northern Ireland. Man's inhumanity to man, is obvious in Freddie's case.

We have no intention of giving up or accepting wide and bland statements that bear no resemblance to the truth either from your office or anywhere else. We see the situation as a horrendous cover-up by all involved.


Eileen Wright.