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My letter to the Law Society dated 4/4/1988.

Dear Mr Davey

With reference to your letter of the 21st December 1987 and February 1988 stating that there are still proceedings pending before the Committee in relation to the partners of Messrs Tughan & Company.

Would you be good enough to let me know the position.

Mr Roy Beggs MP is asking questions with regard to the plunder of my mentally handicapped brother's inheritance in the House of Commons. I am sure your office will be aware of the questions put to the Attorney General and the answers given.

The head of the Fraud Squad has now re-opened our case and we are keeping them aware of the facts.

The family are to have a meeting, arranged by Dr A Lyons this coming week, but I have been unable to get a solicitor. Any I approach have to go to Brian Hall and they are well indoctrinated before they meet me. If they don't go to Brian Hall - he makes sure they are loaded with his ideas and they appear to be afraid to go against authority.

We have had to stand Brian Hall's constant interference even though he is no longer the Official Solicitor and has no right to attack any of the family.

It was our duty to protect my brother and this we will never give up until justice is seen to be done.

My sister is making an appointment to discuss with an officer of the R.U.C. the remarks and actions he has taken against her. Fortunately, her barrister and solicitor will not bow to the demands of Brian Hall - they are one of the few firms who are acting with total impartiality and in the interest of their client, not Brian Hall.

I have asked Mr Roy Beggs to get a respected barrister from London and one who will work on my brother's behalf and not Mr Brian Hall.

We will never give up, otherwise all mental patients will be at risk.

We have never seen a statement of accounts or movements of property since putting Freddie in the 'Care' of the Court. We are writing now to a Mr Mercer of the Police Authority to intervene and demand bank statements etc.


Eileen Wright (Mrs)

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