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My letter to Office of the Lord Chief Justice dated 5/2/1988.

Dear Mr. Millar

Re: Freddie Andrews

Would you please be good enough to put the enclosed list of questions and my letter before Lord Justice MacDermott and Lord Chief Justice Lowry for answers.

We would also like to know how Mrs Deirdre Bowers, now the controller according to the Care and Protection Office, can walk into Freddie's home unannounced and uninvited and direct a builder chosen by herself, to make unnecessary alterations and spend 7,000 of Freddie's money without any reference to the family. Unfortunately her choice of builder created havoc and now Freddie has been left to pay twice because of bad workmanship and Freddie has no redress.

We understood when we approached Dr. A. Lyons in January 1979 for Freddie's protection and the investigation of the fraudulent takeover of his estate, we thought we would have had more than one interview with the then Official Solicitor Mr. Drennan, which was chaired by his clerk Mr. H. Doherty. Mr. Drennan never spoke at this one meeting.

After waiting almost three years and when no more meetings were convened and no questions were answered we were forced to approach the Fraud Squad.

We understood everything would be open and above board. We never expected that after a three and a half year in-depth investigation by two experienced fraud officers, who exposed fraud, forgery, malpractice and misappropriation that we would be compelled to sit through closed courts whereby everything was decided behind closed doors and without our consent thus denying Freddie his basic human right to be heard.

The Official Solicitor Mr. Brian Hall sanctioned all illegal sales and ignored the family and the findings of two experienced fraud officers.

Who appointed Brian Hall and who engaged QC Brian Kerr? What was their function in the courts? Why was Dr. A. Lyons who gave a statement to the fraud squad, and counter signed by a colleague, and the detective who attended the Courts not allowed to speak or give evidence on Freddie's behalf.

The detective would have welcomed the chance to speak but he was suddenly told by senior officers of the RUC, without any warning to the family, to leave our case aside - no reason was given.

We have asked on numerous occasions for the names of those senior officers but have been unable to get an answer.

We have also written to Police Headquarters asking that we may be allowed to speak to senior officers with whom Brian Hall said he had meetings but can again get no response.

Who invited the Ryland Vehicle Group in Birmingham over to Belfast to buy Freddie's property? The present Fraud Officer Det. Con.J. Chambers, told us that Mr. H. Wright, late of Messrs Tughan & Co, who is now out on bail and on whose word Mr. Hall wrote his first Comprehensive Report got 375,000 in cash. Who got this cash? It certainly was not the rightful owner Freddie Andrews.

To whom did Brian Hall give 35,000 with gross interest of Freddie's money for a so-called tender for this property? Who made the tender? Was it to the patient? What answer did they expect from the patient? Did Freddie sign any legal documents for this fraudulent takeover of his property or for any of his other Smithfield properties, including his home.

We are now denied the right to get answers from the public office of Care and Protection. They appear to be stripped of all their powers to pass accounts etc. Is this public office now to be closed to us by the controller, Mrs. Deirdre Bowers?

We cannot now get bills paid. It is most embarrassing for the family whose name was respected for over 100 years to face workmen calling at the door for their money for work completed before Christmas. What is the reason for the hold-up?

Dr. A. Lyons and his social worker sanctioned this work to be done and have been good enough to call and see the result.

We have read the Mental Health Act and can find no reference to secrecy, aggression or threats in its contents, yet we have experience all three.

Dr. Lyons kindly convened a meeting in his office, although it is not his responsibility, and for which we are extremely grateful, but why must it be left to Dr. Lyons a senior consultant to do the work of the controller and the master!

The family have no intention of giving up our search for truth and justice in the interest of Mental Patients and their Carers in Northern Ireland.

Thank you for your kind attention and I hope the Judges will be made conversant with the contents of this letter and be able to get answers to the enclosed list.


Eileen Wright (Mrs)

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