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My letter to Secretary to Lord Chief Justice dated 20/9/1985.

Dear sir,
I omitted to say in my letter that both my sisters' solicitor, Mr. A. Stewart of Comber and Newtownards, and my solicitor Mr. M. Fearon of Belfast issued a Writ to Mr. Hall with regard to accounts kept by the previous solicitors. Both our solciitors have been trying for some time to get a run-down on these accounts but could never get a reply from Mr. Hall hence the Writ.
We did not think that anyone regardless of position could be above complying with a Writ but Mr. Hall answered in quite crude terms that he had co-operated in every possible way and that there would be no more correspondence on this matter. In fact he has never co-operated since taking over. He has been agressive in the Courts and to the family as a whole and refuses to let us speak.
Although the Judge said everything must be above board and open to all, this has not happened yet.
Is Hall above the law?


(Mrs) Eileen Wright.

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