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My letter to the Lord Chancellor dated 28.7.1990.

Dear Sir,

I enclose copy note from Mr E Simpson, Director of the Court Services which does not answer my letter of the 19th June 1990.

I am now compiling a list of all Freddie's properties and sending it to the Deputy Secretary of State Mr Cope so that he may send it to the Chief Constable. He was kind enough to contact the Chief Constable on my behalf.

I enclose copy press cutting of how Mr H Wright, late of Messrs Tughan & Co was able to obtain 375,000 for property stolen from Freddie by falsely representing that Neville Johnston Ltd had a good and marketable title to premises in Smithfield and Francis Street.

This property, 62-65 Smithfield was sold by the late Mr C Gilpin, shareholder of Neville Johnston, and H Wright while Freddie was in 'care'. Why did the first Official Solicitor the late Mr J Drennan of Cleaver Fulton and Rankin not report this stolen property to the RUC at the time of sale? Why did we have to wait 10 years for the truth?

Mr Drennan on his first Report sited the above showroom at 68/69 Smithfield. Freddie's showroom was a very extensive building. What happened to the 375,000? According to Lord Justice O'Donnell it went straight into the account of Messrs Tughan & Co. Are mental patients not entitled to be protected?

Mrs Deirdre Bowers sold 62-65 Smithfield, Freddie's showroom, in 1987 with Deeds registered in 1987. [We now know that the Ryland Vehicle Group couldn't get their money back because, according to the Fraud Squad, Charles Gilpin took one million pounds to the island of Jersey which would have included the 375,000. Ryland would not give up the Deeds until they got their money and eventually did get their money by selling direct to Laing. Mrs. Bowers and DOE officials have a lot of interesting questions to answer. How, for instance did Mrs. Bowers sell the same property a second time for 150,000 and how did the DOE get 300,000 from their vesting order for the same property?] Where were the original Deeds? How was this sale able to take place to Messrs Laing & Co two years before the Court hearing took place. Is this not most irregular? It was thanks to Lord Justice O'Donnell that we were able to obtain this information. Who negotiated the sale for 150,000?

Since we put Freddie in 'care' in January 1979 my brother's affairs have been grossly mismanaged by successive Official Solicitors.

Their only defence was to denigrate and destroy the credibility of the family, not leaving out my mother who died three years ago aged 90.

Yours sincerely,

Eileen Wright.

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