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My letter to Mary Clark at the BBC dated 12/5/1981.

9 Silverbirch Crescent,
Co. Down.
12th May 1981.

Dear Mary Clark,
I thank you nost sincerely for your prompt attention to my previous letter regarding my brother's affairs now in the hands of the Mental Health Dept.
I was speaking to Mr. Jim Davis of that Dept to-day and he informed me that you had been in touch with him and Cleaver Fulton & Rankin.
This case has now been in the Crown Solicitor's hands for almost three years.
I co-operated in writing copious letters and also requesting an appointment with them. I can even give you my exact request - "that my brother Billy and I would come to their office at any time convenient to them". I must have written this in all but a few letters to Cleaver Fulton & Rankin but I got nothing but one or two lines in reply that they were proceeding with the case, but of course no date or time for an appointment. Even now after all this time we do not know what happened to my brother's property or what money he received for it. Does this not sound rather unusual?
You can obtain copies of the letters sent to us and our replies in Mr. Jim Davis' office. You can inspect the date of the very first time we were requested to come to the Crown Solicitor's Office. One was aggressive and intimidating, the other gave us one day's notice to attend.
Why did we only receive these letters a few months ago, when I had exhausted all my energy for two and a half years for information about my brother's property etc?
Mr. Davis said that Mr. Rankin only got this case when my brother Freddie's property was sold, but the reason we put Freddie into the Care of the Court was as we thought - to expose any injustice done to him.
At the time of my father's death, my brother Freddie's affairs were taken away from the family Solicitor - why, we don't know. The business tycoon who bought all his property appointed a Mr. Bertie Wright of Tughan & Co. How can he act for the seller and the buyer? Why was my brother's signature accepted by Mr. Bertie Wright?
Why did my brother's remaining money end up in the Industrial Bank in Bangor, Co. Down under the names of Mr. Bertie Wright and the property dealer?
Why are we not allowed to know answers to these questions?
We have been forced to put all this in the hands of the Press. They in turn have been in touch with the RUC Fraud Squad (this at the moment is confidential to you) and they are proceeding very well.
Why had we to go this far to find the truth? Is it true that one Solicitor will not act against another solicitor? It certainly looks very like that to us. They prefer the Mental Health Patient to fall!
This is the year of the disabled so please make this a test case to expose any injustice in any way done to mentally handicapped patients even when they are in the Care of the Crown Solicitors.
We again thank you for the time and trouble you set aside for our case and we do hope you will be able to get answers to questions relevant to this case. I would only be too glad to give you any further information you require.
It has been a long hard struggle; most people would have fallen by the way-side and I think this is what the people involved in this case hoped would happen.
We are always willing to talk to anyone interested enough to expose the truth.
My sincere thanks and we hope you will succeed.


Mrs. Eileen Wright.

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