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A letter from me to solicitor McAteer dated 6/4/1987.

Dear Mr McAteer,
Sorry to bother you especially when you are so busy but I would like you to protect my mother's interest and make sure she is not put out of her home.
We had a visit from the Official Solicitor Deirdre Bowers who then approached Dr Lyons to have Freddie taken out of his home and put in an institution. She also made it obvious we were not welcome in Freddie's home. It doesn't sound very much like Care and Protection.
Freddie as you know was never in a home and would certainly not adjust to being regimented by rules and regulations at this late stage of his life.
I feel the reason for this unwarranted attack on the family is because we are still persisting with Freddie's case. I have given all particulars to the Mental Health Commission on the Holywood Road and also had valuable help and understanding from Mr. Roy Beggs MP. He has written to the Prime Minister asking for a public enquiry to protect all those involved in the machinations of Freddie's estate.
I know Dr Lyons went white with rage when he was approached but who knows what else this crowd will get up to behind our backs. This attempt didn't work but they appear to be so desperate that they will try anything and I feel you should be kept informed.


Eileen Wright