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A letter from me to McConnell Martin & Co dated 29/6/1987.

Dear sir,

According to a letter I received from the Housing Executive, your company made a temporary letting to them of 66-68 Smithfield and Francis Street between 1982 and 1985.

Would you please let me know who gave your office the authorty to lease this property and collect rent on their behalf, when it belonged to my mentally handicapped brother Freddie Andrews, son of the late Fred Andrews of Andrews & Co., as no legal sale of this property took place prior to 1982.

What was the amount of rent paid, during the period 1982-1985 and who assumed the power to collect same.

The fraud Squad and Police Headquarters have been investigating, for some time, the illegal takeover of my brother's estate.

A copy of his letter will be sent to Police Headquarters for their attention.

Yours sincerely,

Eileen Wright (Mrs)

[I wonder why McConnell, Martin and Company never did reply to this letter and why they were unable to answer the simply questions asked above?]

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