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My letter to the Mental Health Commission dated 28/9/1988.

Dear Mr Russell,
I do hope the enclosed copy letters will not overload the Commission. I feel that the enclosed information should be made available to you in order to show the pressures, harassment, intimidation and procrastination we are still under just because an ordinary family wanted to protect our father's wishes for his mentally handicapped son.

Unfortunately, for those in positions of power to protect Freddie, they would have had to expose solicitors, estate agents , business men etc. who were willing to take advantage of Freddie's incapacity and use his disability to their own advantage.
Even the Official Solicitors for the Supreme Court preferred to protect their colleagues and put us through Court Hearings that proved nothing.
The Detective in charge of our case and Freddie's psychiatrist were never given the chance to speak on Freddie's behalf although Dr Lyons and his colleague gave statements to the fraud officer stating that Freddie would have no understanding of what he was signing.
Senior officers iin the Crime and fraud squads kept telling us that "there was nothing new". I can show you these letters if you wish. What did they want "something new" for when in seven years they hadn't dealt with all the old evidence already in their possession?
The family hope you, as an Independet Commission, will keep control of Freddie's case. It does appear complex but that is because the R.U.C. sat back and allowed Mr Hall his head and allowed him to do whatever he liked.
We approached the fraud squad because of the inaction of the first Official Solicitor. The fraud and crime squads are answerable to the family not the Official Solicitor who ignored the mismanagement of Freddie's affairs since we put him in Care in January 1979 in order to have returned, monies and properties stolen from him.
We appreciate all the work you have put into our case and we hope we may at some future date see a light at the end of the tunnel.
If Freddie's case is allowed to be covered up, as those in authority would wish, no mental patient is safe in their hands.
We will help in every way we can. You will see we have tried every avenue of escape but when there are so many "pillars of society" involved, the patient is of no consequence.

My sincere thanks,
Eileen Wright