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My letter to Mr. Millar, Judge MacDermott's secretary dated 3/10/1987.

Dear Mr. Millar,

With reference to my mentally handicapped brother Freddie Andrews whom we put into the Care of the Court in January 1979, we would be grateful if you would be good enough to make Judge MacDermott aware that when my sister and I made our way to the front of the Court at the hearing before the last that we were not, in any way, being discourteous to the Judge. We were determined before the final hearing to make sure the Judge was given the true facts of Freddie's case but unfortunately we were not allowed to finish our submission.

We hope the Judge will understand our deep concern in the way Freddie was treated in the Courts, by the enclosed copies of press cuttings. The Judge was at all time ill-informed.

My sister and I told the Judge, which I am sure he will remember as he looked shocked, that it was fraud and that Freddie's Smithfield properties were not only sold twice, once to Messrs Neville Johnston the late Mr. C. Gilpin's Company, then to the Ryland Vehicle Group in Birmingham but Francis Street was rented to the Housing Exedutive from estate agents McConnell & Martin for the benefit of others rather than Freddie. The first transaction took place during August 1979 to January 1980. The second in December 1982. Both illegal transactions took place while Freddie was in the Care of the Court.

I have a letter from the Care and Protection Office dated 13th August 1985 stating that Freddie had all his properties except his home. This office was not kept informed as to the state of Freddie's affairs since we put him into the Care of the Courts in January 1979 for his protection.

We were informed by letter from the ex-official solicitor Mr. Brian Hall that at all times he was directed exclusively by th Judge! This we cannot believe.

We have kept Dr. A. Lyons conversant with the case and we cannot understand why neither he nor the Fraud Squad Detective, who investigated Freddie's case for over three years, were not requested to give evidence to the Court on my brother's behalf.

Could we be assured that this information will be given to Judge MacDermott and the Lord Chief Justice Lowry who said he was following our case with interest.

We are an ordinary family. We did not expect to meet up with nine years opposition when all we wanted was to make sure my father's wishes for his son were carried out. We have no intention of giving up until justice is seen to be done.


Eileen Wright (Mrs)

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