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My letter to Mr. Millar dated 4/9/1986.

Dear Mr. Millar,

I would be glad if you could arrange a private meeting with Lord Justice MacDermott.
I would like to discuss with his Lordship the affairs of my brother Freddie Andrews and the way in which his home and properties were systematically dissipated over the period since the death of his father.
As Lord Justice MacDermott presided over all Court Hearings pertaining to Freddie's case and you, Mr. Millar, were at all times kept informed of our deep concern as to the way Freddie and his family were treated in the courts.

We feel it is urgent that we be allowed to present our case, as up to date there appears to be no one working in the interest of my brother or the family since putting Freddie into the care of the Court.

Yours sincerely,

(Mrs)Eileen Wright.

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