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My letter to Mr. Millar dated 9/8/1988.

Dear Mr Millar

Thank you very much for your letter of the 25th July 1988.

Would you please be good enough to let me know what points were clarified? We got no answers to questions asked.

The Social Worker Mrs Moisiewitsch and I have been dealing with the domestic and personal needs of the patient for six years.
Mrs Moisiewitsch had a meeting on her own with Master Hall and Mrs Deirdre Bowers. [How I would like to have been a fly on the wall!] We were not at this meeting but should have been.

I enclose copy letter for the Judge's perusal and consideration.

We must see accounts etc., since the late Mr C Gilpin and his solicitor Mr H Wright assumed power to plunder Freddie's estate and set themselves up as "Trustees". [Imagine a stranger to the family, Charles Gilpin, having full access to all my brother's finances and deeds and our family members denied the right to see those same finances by the Court authorities after Gilpin had finished his plunder.]

Thank you, Mr Millar for your kind attention.


Eileen Wright (Mrs)

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