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My letter to Official Solicitor Rankin dated 5/10/81.

9 Silverbirch Crescent,
Co. Down.

Dear Sir,

I thank you for your letter of 21st September 1981.

I appreciate your offer of a meeting but feel that the questions listed below should be answered in full prior to the meeting.

We cannot understand how you arrived at the conclusion that the sales of Freddie's properties and other assets were in his interests.
Can you substantiate this with facts and figures? Whose advice did you seek to arrive at this conclusion? We the family were the means of asking for an investigation into Freddie's affairs since our father's death, but we have been given no information to assure us that anything has been done.

Three years ago Mr. Doherty told me on the telephone that Freddie got 35,000 for his large showroom and ground. I remarked that this would hardly buy a semi-detached house and he agreed with me. Are you of this opinion?

Have you found out how and why Freddie's money was lodged in the Industrial Insurance Bank in Bangor under the names of Mr. Charles Gilpin and Mr. Bertie Wright of Messrs. Tughan & Co.? Mr. Doherty also told me that Mr. Wright was to be brought before the Lord Chief Justice. Did this meeting take place? How was Freddie's money used when it was under the control of Mr. Gilpin and Mr. Wright? Who opened the account and what was the Bank's mandate?

As soon as Freddie's money and assets were removed from the control of Miss Sullivan's office, our family solicitors for very many years, there appears to have been a free for all. The properties were not even advertised for sale, therefore the assertion that the disposal of Freddie's assets were in his interests falls rather flat.

My father bought Freddie the family home, contents and other properties in order to make life secure for him, and now events have made a mockery of his intentions.

We were told that Freddie's case had gone to Counsel. Can you tell us what was the outcome?
Who were the persons involved in the sales of the properties which included the following:-

showroom and ground at Smithfield,
9 properties in Winetavern Street,
2 properties in Little King Street,
Tara House and contents,
ground rents etc.?

Had these persons any personal or financial interests in these transactions?
How were the deeds and other documents obtained?
Who was holding them?
Was good title given in these transactions bearing in mind that, due to his mental state, my brother Freddie, although he could sign his name, would be quite incompetent to sign any legal documents or make any decisions regarding his affairs?
Was Miss Sullivan consulted when these properties were being sold?
Was the Court approached to grant authority to sell any of thse properties?
What measures were taken to ensure that proper prices were obtained?
Were the properties advertised and independent valuations obtained?
Are proper financial records available?
Have any of the deeds been registered?

We also require the records of income and expenditure in regard to Freddie's affairs since my father's death.

Some time ago my brother, Billy, was in your office and was shown documents bearing signatures which were supposed to be Freddie's. He was not permitted to see the contents of these documents. He expressed doubts about their authenticity as they did not resemble the way Freddie usually signed his name. Have any enquiries been made in this connection and with what result?

Yours faithfully,

Eileen Wright (Mrs.)

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