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My letter to solicitor P. Drinan dated 22/10/2001.

Dear Padraigin,
Thanks again for your letter of the 10th October.
I was not asked to the meeting re transfer of Freddie's home and the 5,000. I wasn't asked - my sister said Brian Hall kept sending someone to see if I was coming which was ridiculous. My brother called at this house two days after the meeting and explained what had happened. I naturally was shocked but not surprised that Brian Hall was up to his usual tricks and covering up the crimes of fraud, forgery, malpractice ad misappropriation!
I enclose copy letter for the Secretary of Lord Justice McDermott. We never had a long meeting with Brian Hall or any other Official Solicitor. We couldn't ever get a solicitor to work for us to expose the criminal offence covered up by the above Office. We did try to get solicitors but they were shut up.
None of us could find any solicitor who was brave enough (except yourself) to take Freddie's case on.
It would appear the only way to expose the gross mismanagement of Freddie's estate would be to get a good investigating journalist. I'm sure you would know someone outside Northern Ireland.
I'm sure Jim Campbell and Jim Fitzpatrick would help.
There is no doubt Mervyn Patterson was murdered and I'm not letting any barriers (including McDermott) to deny us the right to be given all the information we need so that what happened to Freddie's estate will never occur again. Every family should have the right to see how Patients in "Care" are dealt with.
I have placed a big burden on yours and Brenda Donnelly's shoulders - you'll not be very popular - none of the family were.
Some good mystery stories could be written in the courts.



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