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My letter to solicitor P. Drinan dated 29/8/2001.

Dear Padraigin,
Sorry I haven't written sooner, I really do not have much free time. Freddie always went to his Day Centre for five days, then it was reduced to three after he had to spend time in Strathern. Freddie had to stay there until the infection in the wound (after his oeration) cleared up.
I could give you loads of information and that starts from the first Official Solicitor (Mr. Drennan). To interfere with my solicitor behind my back, and also with my younger sister, Betty - mother of solicitor Rosemary - should be a criminal offence.
How could anyone have faith in either the "Care and Protection Office" or the Office of the Official Solicitor? One would get better Care and Protection in Jail.
Five Official Solicitors spent years protecting those criminally involved in Freddie's affairs. They dd every dirty trick to make sure the truth was hidden. Even Mervyn Patterson had to be got rid of, an honest Fraud Officer who was thrown to the wolves. There appears to be no-one brave enough (only yourself) to expose what goes on behind closed doors in the Law Courts.
As I said, five Official Solicitors spent time protecting those criminally involved. If it hadn't been for Mervyn Patterson, Malachy Muinzer and the Torley family, all ordinary, decent people, crimes against a mentally-handicapped patient would still be covered up by those who preferred to protect their legal friends and property developers.
I have decided to take Paddy on a week's holiday to Spain. He hasn't seen Linda since she went to live in Spain nor has he had a break in over sixteen years. He has had a clot in each leg and can't spend longer than one week. He has to visit the nurse to have his blood tested. Paddy has spent 16 years of his life attending to the lawns, weeding and clipping the hedges and dumping all. I think he deserves a break. We did some years back ask for a lawn mower but we had to pay for it ourselves. The Office of the Official Solicitor just ignored the bill. I paid a gardener 70 for cutting the hedge once. I was rather shocked and didn't have him back. Yet those who stole Freddie's estate and home get more protection than Freddie and his family.
Years ago we asked the, then, social worker to ask the Official Solicitor for Freddie to have a TV in his bedroom. She went with her boss, whom I knew, to ask the Official Solicitor but the answer was "No". It wold appear Feddie's money from his estate didn't always reach him nor did he ever have the use of all the estate and home my father had given to him long before he died.
The Care and Protection Office and the Office of the Official Solicitor must be more civil to the families of mental patients.
There must be no more 'behind closed doors decisions' made by either office.
I am as usual very grateful for you for your being brave enough to attempt to open this can of worms.

Kind regards


Ps. Freddie will have to be booked into Strathern Court while we are away. Freddie is happy to see his friends that he has kept in touch with since he came home. He may be slightly over the two weeks. He is looking forward to seeing Doris and Rose. He gets a few hugs when he calls to see them. He also wants to go to Newcastle. Its about time he spent some of his own money. We all need a break before the winter comes!

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