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My letter to solicitor P. Drinan dated 31/10/2001.

Dear Padraigin,
Thanks, as usual, for your note of the 25th October.
It would be marvellous if a Law Student could be found to help with investigations. It would be a very interesting and rewarding case.
This would expose once and for all that Mental Patients are still treated as second class citizens. Not only were Freddie's interests ignored by the courts but also by senior members of the RUC and DPP - to mention but a few. They preferred to stay silent and cover up serious crimes in case it would "annoy" businessmen and leading members of the legal profession.
I would like to know who paid the fees of the QC engaged by the second Official Solicitor Brian Hall. He did not work or talk to any of the family, but purely in the interest of Brian Hall. I do hope Freddie did not have to pay that Bill.
I hope some day you will hit the headlines.



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