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My letter to solicitor P. Drinan dated 8/10/2001

Dear Padraigin,
Thank you for your letter of the 1st October. Freddie unfortunately did not appear to enjoy his holiday. Prior to this, he was always well looked after. There must have been a change of staff. I had to put him in the bath as soon as he got off the bus. I did phone them to complain but couldn't get the head person. I'm afraid he would have been better going to the Slieve Donard! As well as the money the Official Solicitor paid, I gave him another 20 and carton of cigarettes! To send him back in such a state is disgraceful.
I broke my wrist on Saturday. I felt I couldn't cope with my usual chores so I thought it best to put Freddie into Strathern Court until the fracture sets. I have to go to hospital on Thursday for another x-ray. I expect to be ok in about four weeks.
I had a phone call from my sister last Friday. Some years ago she and my brother and various nephews and nieces went to a meeting in the Law Courts. I understand 100,000 was handed out to the above out of Freddie's money. I got a letter by post enclosing 5,000. I phoned up and asked what it was for and I was told it was just a little present! I did not go to any meeting in the Law Courts. I had lost faith in the Office of the Official Solicitor shortly after weput Freddie in Care in late 1978.
My brother at that time said they would get another 6,000 or 7,000. All they had to do was to write a note in a year's time. I have no idea what went on in that Office.
The recent phone call made me think that they may be expecting more money. I said I would pass this information over to you for an answer. I did tell my sister that Freddie may live for another 20 years and that some money should be kept for him.
It is important that you be given the authority to act for Freddie re. money etc. and your fees should now be taken out of his account. I have been working with my late husband's and late sister's assistance until they died. I could not get a solicitor to act for Freddie. If it hadn't been for thePress I woiuld have got nowhere. I was very sad to hear of the death of Martin O'Hagan of the Sunday World. Jim Campbell was very good to me. Jim told me that he was the last person to see the late Mervyn Patterson alive. He had meetings with him.
The Torley family took over and have always been helpful and I can always have a chat with my own family.
Angel Torley and I are going on a shopping spree. Hope that's ok with you!! She'll be picking a new car for me.



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