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My letter to Peter Robinson MP dated 10/11/1993.

Dear Mr Robinson,
It would appear I did not make it clear as to the reason why I would not make an appointment to meet the fifth Official Solicitor, Mr Redpath.

Reading from the various letters sent to you to pass on to various departments etc, I thought you would agree that it would be wrong to give the above office and anyone therein any credibility whatsoever.

Mr Redpath does not appear to be conversant with the true facts.
He has denied us the right to see copies of all accounts, documentation, correspondence, and memos etc, or any relevant item "prior to June 1988". According to Mr Redpath we were shown the accounts by Master Hall and other members of staff, (whoever they may be). If the family had been shown any accounts would we be wasting our time and others repeatedly asking to see them? We were never asked or summoned to attend nine Court Hearings as Mr Redpath has stated.

People in positions of Trust appear to me to be able to abuse that trust by putting down in writing lies with impunity. Therefore Mr Robinson do you not consider the time is long overdue for some fresh air to circulate through this office in order to give people confidence in the Law? Mental Patients are very vulnerable, and no one should be permitted at any time to abuse their position or deny them the right to be heard in an open Criminal Court. No one in that office should be able to bend the rules to protect themselves and afford protection to or from their legal colleagues.

An almost three year investigation by a conscientious dedicated Fraud Officer about to expose the crimes of fraud, forgery, malpractice and misapropriation was cast aside under sad circumstances as "notes and jottings". Statements by two senior psychiatrists that Freddie Andrews would have no knowledge or understanding of what he was signing, were also cast aside. They were not even summoned to attend the closed court Hearings and the public are supposed to consider this as ligitimate "Care and Protection".

I have been looking after and caring for Freddie for twelve years, and during this period I have managed one visit from a Mr Martin around or about four months ago. Do you consider this adequate? Furthemore I requested your councillor to call to see the deterioration of Freddie's home. Being a member of the teaching profession I thought he would find the visit worthwhile, but although he appeared keen to come, he never did nor did he phone back as promised. Could you let him know that my door and Freddie's is still open.

It is a terrible situation when one has to depend on the Press and T.V. to expose miscarriages of Justice.

May I herewith request your assistance further, to present my case in full on my behalf to the Home Office, if that is not possible perhaps you would provide me with an address and a reliable contact as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Eileen Wright, Sister.

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