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My letter to Peter Robinson MP dated 15/11/1992.

Dear Peter


Both Mr Martin of the Office of Care & Protection and Mr Redpath, Official Solicitor, have failed to acknowledge our attempt to have Freddie released from Care. In the last letter which you kindly forwarded to Mr Martin I explicitly requested the information which will allow Freddie's family to pursue this course:

'Firstly, a formal statement of Freddie's legal status; Secondly, an explanation of the process by which Freddie's family can apply to transfer him from Care into the protection of a family-based Trust. If you feel unable to help directly with this information then please can you direct us to those who can?'
(5th October 1992)

I would be most grateful if you would sponsor the enclosed reminder to Mr Martin and advise him that he should supply the above information. Otherwise, I imagine he will attempt to simply continue to ignore our request for information which will help Freddie's fight for justice. As you will see, when you read Mr Martin's letter, I take him to task for ignoring the involvement of a Member of Parliament. Perhaps this will cause him to forward the information.

Many thanks for your help.

Mrs Eileen Wright

4 Norwood Gardens

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