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My letter to the Prime Minister dated 11/4/1989.

Dear Prime Minister,

I apologise for again intruding in your very busy schedule but I must persist until Justice is seen to be done. I enclose copy letter form Mr Simpson which is unacceptable. This letter answers nothing. If we cannot get Justice through the normal court system we have not other alternative but to use every channel open to us. We have no intention of giving up.

I have had previous letters from Mr Simpson which contained unsubstantiated assertions and untrue statements. I replied to these pointing out the true facts but nothing was done.

I will repeat again and again, that never at any time did any legal representative speak on my behalf in Court. The Judge did ask them if they had anything to say, they stood up shook their heads and sat down. Were they aware that all had already been "signed and sealed" behind closed doors before the hearings took place.

Lord Justice McDermott was given Reports written by Mr Hall on the word of a criminal who falsified documents relating to part of my brother's estate and on the word of Messrs Tughan & Co who lodged into their own account the sum of 375,000 received for property stolen from Freddie. I have in writing from Mr Hall that he got the true facts in Messrs Tughan & Co office when Mr H Wright was present. Did Mr Hall consider this a reliable source from which to compile his Reports? Why did he prefer the word of this firm to the word of a Detective with over 20 years experience?

The deal to the Ryland Vehicle Group was completed in August 1979 to January 1980. Why was this illegal sale not reported to the RUC ten years ago by the then official Solicitor the late Mr J Drennan? Freddie was under his 'care' since January 1979. Why was this criminal offence kept under cover for ten years?

Lord Justice McDermott was never given the above facts in any Report. How could any Judge be expected to give proper Judgement on any case when vital criminal evidence is witheld from him?

Why was the late Mr Drennan's Report accepted by the Courts when it is full of false and misleading statements? Why were these grave errors not pointed out to the Judge? Why were they never corrected?

We were threatened in writing "if we dared go against the Judge's ruling we would be made responsible for the costs". This was one of the many veiled threats used in order to gag us and to cover up gross mismanagement of my brother's affairs by the Office of the Official Solicitor. The proection of the legal profession and those criminally involved was of paramount importance and had to take precedence over the protection of a mental patient.

We foolishly made the mistake of blaming the family after the death of my father. It was a natural reaction as at that time we were naive enough to believe all solicitors must act within the law. We had no experience of "Christian" manipulators or con men. The Andrews name was before the public for over 100 years and was very well respected in the business world. Mr Hall used the above information to attempt to destroy us. When we approached the fraud squad and worked in co-operation with them for three and a half years we realised that the late 'Christian' entrepreneur set us up by spreading false information and fears to enable him to carry on without interruption to plunder. My sister has never been able to get her deeds back of her Smithfield property given to her by my father in 1966.

The late Mr C Gilpin persuaded my mother to put her affairs and Freddies into the hands of his own solicitor Mr H Wright of Messrs Tughan & Co. The reasons for doing so should be obvious to all. My mother was never given any advice by Mr H Wright. Mr Wright was not engaged to help my mother or Freddie but his client Mr C Gilpin and his henchmen. These are the people Mr Hall preferred to protect rather than the patient.

We demand as of right, to see detailed audited accounts, income tax returns, movements of property etc since the death of my father in July 1972. Two Writs have been sent to Mr Hall that up to date have not been answered. Can Mr Hall ignore the Mental Health Act? Is Mr Hall above the law?

If the ex Official Solicitor can break the law and refuse to give answers to questions asked we must be peermitted to take Freddie's affairs out of the absolute control of the Office of the Official Solicitor who never at any time worked in the patient's interest and engage a solicitor and barrister who will be able to take the Official Solicitors to Court for the return of his property, and for ignoring the fact that crimes were committed against my brother. The RUC should have been called in 10 years ago.

How could Mr Hall's valuer, in all honesty, value Freddie's Smithfield property for 110,000 when this same property was sold illegally to the Ryland Vehicle Group 10 years ago for 375,000. Would anyone call this care and protection? Why did Mr Hall not inform the RUC of the criminal offence committed by Messrs Tughan & Co? Surely if the accounts were correct this transaction should be shown in the accounts sent to Mr Drennan from Messrs Tughan & Co. Who paid the capital gains on the 375,000? Who paid the tax? Will Mr Hall now inform the RUC of this criminal act so that Freddie can be compensate?

Is selling stolen property and keeping the money not a crime? Ten years is a long time to fight for Justice for a mental patient and the return of the 375,000 with gross interest.

The Official Solicitors never left a door open to the family nor was there ever any attempt to meet us on a friendly basis to discuss anything. The only voice to be heard was Mr Hall's who never stopped talking to give us a chance to be heard. Mr Hall wouldn't know Freddie if he saw him. This is hardly the way the Mental Health Act was designed to operate.

We know Mrs Thatcher, you are deeply concerned with Civil Rights. Why was my brother denied his basic human rights in a British Court?

Mr Hall was given the liberty of interfering in the office of the DPP and RUC. Is this British Justice? Has the law broken down completely in Northern Ireland?

Is there anyone concerned with the rights of mental patients? We must get answers to questions asked otherwise we will approach a Member of the European Parliament for advice on how to present our case.

My sincere and grateful thanks for your continued assistance and interest in Freddie's case.

Yours sincerely,

(Mrs) Eileen Wright.

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