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My letter to Official Solicitor Redpath (undated).

Dear Mr Redpath,
I would be grateful if you would let me know who holds the Share Certificates, whose name are they in, who was the Broker and who gains the revenue of the shares at the moment currently around 21,768.
Where is the income held from previous years (Bank Accounts etc) sales of property etc.
When were these stocks and shares bought?
Where are the Bank Statements?
We now request set of accounts re assets - liabilities.
What happens to the 410,000, now suddenly unearthed and tucked away in Stocks and Shares if Freddie dies?
Would it not be more sensible if these Stocks and Shares were now cashed and put into a Building Society?
Freddie is now in his 66th year - shouldn't he have the benefit of his own money?
My father worked hard for many years in order to provide him with a good home and property. He should have been living in luxury since my father's death!
We find the situation alarming. We have never seen accounts and were not informed of the purchase of these Stocks and Shares. Why not?
Before completing the refurbishing of Freddie's home we must see a copy of the Deeds of 4 Norwood Gdns. Are the Deeds in Freddie's name?
This information should be willingly given to me as acting Guardian for 14 years as soon as possible.
My request should be readily available to those who are deeply concerned with the Care and Protection of Mental patients.

Yours faithfully,

Eileen Wright