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My letter to Peter Robinson MP dated 10/3/1992.

Dear Peter,
During question time in the House of Commons on Thursday 27th February past, Mr. Harry Barnes MP put questions to Mr Needham MP about the CastleCourt Complex.
CastleCourt was sited partly on Freddie's ground without our authority. We are not permitted to see accounts because according to the RUC Fraud Detective who spent three years on our case no proper account were kept. Most of Freddie's entire estate was disposed of between 1972 and 1979. No money was put in Freddie's name. The Official Solicitor has obstructed the accountant and the Department of the Environment, in order to protect legal colleagues even though we did not put Freddie in "Care" until January 1979. The office of the Official Solicitor appears to be able to abuse its powers with impunity.
Would it be possible to ask the Chief Constable to make the findings of the late Detective Mervyn Patterson available to the family and also make available the statements made by two senior Consultants stating that Freddie would have no knowledge or understanding of what he was signing.
We would also like to obtain a copy of a letter the Detective handed to a senior officer in the Crime Squad that was supposed to have been burnt in a fire.

My sister also left her Deeds of Francis Street and Millfield in the Care of Tughan & Co and has never seen them since.

Messrs Laing & Co Ltd has built on this ground without finding out who owned this property. We don't know who got the money.
The only way to resolve Freddie's case is to have a Public enquiry. To take advantage of a mentally-handicapped patient is inhuman and cruel.
The second Official Solicitor dismissed the detective's findings as "notes and jottings" and denied him the right to speak at the closed Hearings and the right of the psychiatrists to produce their statements. It doesn't sound like as if the truth was ever meant to come out.
My sincere thanks for all the work you have done on Freddie's behalf.


Eileen Wright.

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