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My letter to Peter Robinson MP dated 11/4/92.

Dear Peter


Firstly, congratulations for the ninth. reluctantly, I spoke to your office again this week. I say reluctantly because you have already been so helpful about writing to the Registry of Deeds on my brother's behalf - we don't wish to overload you with work at what must be an extremely busy time. However, the present matter is very straightforward and if you are willing will take no more of your time than it takes to sign a letter.

Last year I was directed to approach Mrs Jill McUvor, the Northern Ireland Commissioner for Complaints, about the way my brother's affairs have been administered by the office of Official Solicitor. Mrs McIvor recently replied, advising us that the Official Solicitor's office fell under the jurisdiction of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Complaints in London. Mrs McIvor also argued that the matter would be dealt with if it were 'sponsored' by an MP. In reality, this sponsorship merely means appending a cover-note to our letter, the contents of which are fairly involved. The Commissioner will then. deal with the matter more quickly and more thoroughly.

After receiving Mrs McIvor's letter I contacted one of your assistants and she indicated that if we forwarded our letter to your office that you would probably look favourably on referring it to the London Commissioner. In the light of this we have mentioned you name as sponsor at the beginning of our letter.

Along with this letter we have enclosed a stamped, addressed envelope for Mr Reid's office. Should you decide that you can not, after all, sponsor our letter to the Commissioner I would be most grateful if your office could let me know.

Once again, many thanks for your help in this matter.

Mrs Eileen Wright.