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My letter to Peter Robinson MP dated 21/9/1992.

Dear Peter


Freddie's family are extremely grateful for the help you are giving us, especially when you are concerned with such crucial talks. Once again, many thanks.

Both Mr Redpath (Official Solicitor) and Mr O'Hare's (DoE) letters were a blow. You will have noticed that neither were able to answer the specific points which I put to them concerning Freddie's affairs. You will also have noticed, however, that in his letter Mr Redpath explicitly admits to not having documentation to support the 'views' which he had advanced in his previous letter to you.

We realise that we can not impose upon your generosity indefinitely. After fourteen years we believe it is wrong that the family of a mentally handicapped man, concerned about the administration of his affairs, should be forced to conduct such a tortured correspondence. It seems to be just a game to them, but to us it is about Freddie - whom we love.

Thus, the family got together and decided that the only recourse now left to us is to make one final appeal to Mr Redpath and, depending upon the adequacy of his response, decide whether to seek to remove Freddie from Care. We would be most grateful if you would, once again, sponsor this correspondence.

You will notice that I have marked our letter to Mr Redpath as an 'open letter'. I intend to forward copies to the press in the hope that a wider knowledge of Freddie's plight will add voice to our application.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Eileen Wright

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