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My letter to Roy Beggs MP dated 29/8/1988.

Dear Roy,

I enclose a copy of Brian Hall's letter in reply to mine of the 29th August (I sent you a copy).
His reply is pathetic - he is afraid to answer anything.
I also enclose copy of my reply to him. I have repeated many statements that I have written before but he refuses to answer any question asked so I must persist.
It is not the Official Solicitor's duty to report to the Judge his opinions without consulting the family. Mr. Hall's opinions are not relevant to the case. He worked on evidence given to him by Mr. H. Wright and Tughan & Co etc, on what he thought was right.
What happened to the direct evidence that Mervyn Patterson handed to Senior Officers and members of the DPP?
Mr. Hall's "evidence" would not stand up in a Court of Law.

Please keep going.



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