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My letter to Roy Beggs MP.

Dear Roy,
With regard to the 35,000 that was put in the name of Gilpin & Wright in the Industrial Bank in Bangor (Co. Down) for a so-called "tender" for Freddie's Smithfield Property, Lord Justice O'Donnell said in the Criminal Court, that he couldn't understand why this was done or why 375,000 was lodged in the account of Tughan & Co for the same property stolen from Freddie.
An agreement was made out by Brian Hall in collusion with solicitor Messrs McCloskey -who acted for solicitors Tughan & Co - to give the 35,000 with gross interest to Tughan & Co.
Could you put a question in the House of Commons why the sum of 100,000 had to be given back to Tughan & Co? You will notice that the Ulster Bank could only go back to 1979 instead of 1977 so the sum would be at least 100,000.
You can see clearly why we must have Freddie's affairs removed from the control of the Official Solicitor Brian Hall and for that matter all Official Solicitors who gave more protection to the con men and manipulators that to Freddie.
Please insist in asking to see accounts since the death of my father in July 1972.
We had another one and a half hour meeting with Chief Inspector Thompson and Inspector Moss yesterday pointing out how Brian Hall misappropriated Freddie's money by protecting Messrs Tughan & Co. We insisted that they must produce accounts.
Paul Foot phoned on Friday evening and said he would get in touch with you. He is easy to talk to and has diecussed our case with a solicitor.
If you know when you are asking questions in the House I would take a video.



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