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My letter to the R.U.C. dated 1/1/1990.

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your letter of the 21st December 1989. We have had three recent meetings with Chief Inspector A Thompson and Detective Inspector Moss, going over old evidence that has not yet been dealt with and giving details of the gross mismanagement of my mentally handicapped brother's estate by offending solicitors and successive Official Solicitors.
Freddie's case was well documented and a thorough investigation took place seven years ago. We were forced to contact the Fraud Squad in 1981 because of the inaction of the first Official Solicitor to protect Freddie's interest. What happened to this evidence? Detailed and documented evidence was given of fraud, forgery, malpractice and misappropriation to Chief Inspector Rawson who was head of the Fraud Squad at that time by two experienced Fraud Officers. Personal vital private documents were handed over personally to Assistant Chief Constable D.B. Mellor of the Crime Squad by the late Detective Constable M. Paterson. What happened to these papers? Who is in possession of them now?
The family fail to understand how my letter to you of the 7th December concerning Deeds of Freddie's Smithfield property should be thrown aside because of insufficient evidence. We gave the above officers at our recent meetings sufficient evidence but up to date we have had no answers as to how they came to this conclusion. Could we now be informed?
We have now waited seven years for action to be taken on my brother's behalf with regard to the fraudulent takeover of his valuable estate. I can give you a list of all properties owned by Freddie at the time of my father's death in 1972 and how they were illegally disposed of in the Report of the late Detective Constable M. Patterson, if you have not this evidence at hand.
Lord Justice O'Donnell found Mr H Wright, ex-solicitor in the office of Messrs Tughan & Co., guilty of selling one part of my brother's inheritance to the Ryland Vehicle Group when he had no good or legal title to this property. Mr H Wright had no good or legal title to any of Freddie's other properties that he also disposed of illegally.
The 375,000 paid by the Ryland Group for this stolen property was - according to Lord Justice O'Donnell, "...for some unknown reason" - paid straight into the account of Messrs Tughan & Co. Freddie, the owner, got nothing as explained in Detective Constable M. Patterson's Report after his three-year investigation. [This criminal deal was actually done during the time Freddie was under the 'Care' of the Court and while the Official Solicitor was responsible for the protection of Freddie's property and money.] I am sure the Clerk of the Court would be able to supply you with a transcript of this case held in the Crown Court in January 1989. This action was taken by the R U C in the interest of the Ryland Group after I had written to this firm to inform them that they had bought property stolen from my mentally handicapped brother. When will action be taken by the R U C to have the 375,000 with gross interest, obtained illegally for Freddie's property in 1979, returned to the rightful owner? Is selling stolen property and keeping the money not a crime in the eyes of the Law?
Have the two Officers in charge of my brother's case any intention of bringing to Justice those who took advantage of my brother's incapacity, and with deliberate intent divested him of his entire estate? The Ryland Group got swift Justice. Is a mental patient not entitled to the same Justice as a large Company?
Chief Inspector A Thompson informed us at a recent meeting that he was answerable to you. Has the Chief Constable and yourself been furnished with any Reports from the above Officers? The Chief constable appears to be under the impression that the action in the Criminal Court was taken by the R U C on Freddie's behalf, this is incorrect. Perhaps now he could be informed that this Police Action was purely in the interest of the Ryland Group.
We have lost faith in the Law as administered in N. Ireland and until Freddie is given the opportunity to get Justice for the crimes committed against him in an Open Criminal Court then our faith in the R U C will never be restored.
I enclose copy letter to Lord Mackay to highlight the gross mismanagement of my brother's affairs by the office of the Official Solicitor since January 1979.
If we cannot get Justice through the normal channels then we must continue to fight on no matter how long it takes. If one mental patient can be thieved of in such a manner then it could happen and perhaps has happened to other patients who may have no family to act as Watchdogs.

With sincere thanks for your interest.

(Mrs) Eileen Wright.

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