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My letter to the RUC dated 10/1/1990.

Dear Superintendent Macauley,

Thank you very much for your letter of the 4th inst.
We would like the Deputy Chief Constable to know that we were informed by letter dated 3rd May 1988 from Mr W D Mercier, legal adviser to the Police after a meeting with assistant Chief Constable Drew, Detective Constable J. Chambers, Chief Inspector A Thompson and M Mercier in Brooklyn about a year ago, may I quote: "If the Official Solicitors are unwilling to accede to your request for accounts then the matter would be looked into by the Police", unquote. A copy of this letter was handed to Chief Inspector A Thompson at one of our recent meetings. Could the R U C now act on Mr Mercier's advice?
We have written to Messrs Jackson Andrews (no relation) Accountants of 48 High Street, (this firm looked after my father's affairs until he died and then looked after Freddie's affairs up until 1978) but my requests to see movements of property, audited accounts and income tax returns from 1972 to 1978 have been ignored. They stated by letter that this information is confidential to the Official Solicitor. We did not put Freddie in 'Care' until 1979 and neither Brian Hall or Jackson Andrews have any right to withhold this information. During this period of time Freddie's entire estate was plundered by the manipulator the late Mr C Gilpin and his solicitor Mr H Wright who was given an 18-months suspended sentence in the Criminal Court in January 1989 for selling property stolen from Freddie to the Ryland Vehicle Group.
We understood that to permit anyone, no matter how high his position, to interfere in the investigations of fraud, forgery, malpractice and misappropriation by the Fraud and Crime Squads and the Office of the DPP was a criminal offence. The cessation by Brian Hall in 1983 of this Criminal case perverted the course of Justice and prevented Freddie getting Justice in an open Criminal Court and the return of properties stolen from him. Is Brian hall above the Law?
Mr Hall said in writing that he got 'the true facts' in an afternoon in the Office of Messrs Tughan & Co when Mr H Wright was present. Does the R U C consider this a reliable source?
Seven years later we are still waiting for the return of other properties stolen from Freddie, namely Winetavern Street, Little King Street and his home 14 Castlehill Road. All these properties were given to Freddie many years before my father died. No one had any right to dispose of any part of Freddie's estate at any time, not even the family.
The family would like to know when Messrs Laing & Co obtained planning permission to build on Freddie's ground verging on Millfield and his other Smithfield properties, Francis Street and his large showroom. How did Laing & Co get planning permission to build on property stolen from my widowed sister, namely the upper half of Francis Street and Millfield? This property was given to my sister legally in the office of Boston & Sullivan the family solicitor by my father in 1966.
Who has possession of the original deeds of Freddie's Smithfield property from 1977 to 1989? Why did the Official Solicitor register these deeds in 1987? Where were the original deeds? This property was given to Freddie long before my father died in 1972.
Brian Hall threatened my elderly mother at the first Hearing stating that he would sequest her money. My mother at that time was almost 90, doubly incontinent and bed-ridden and knew nothing of this threat. The family had no intention of informing her of these wild and irrational threats on someone who could not answer back. Brian Hall never made any attempt to get to know the family, Freddie or my mother. These threats were the start of a personal vendetta against every member of the family. Brian Hall's main object since he was appointed to the post of Official Solicitor in 1983 was to destroy our credibility for reasons best known to himself and this inhuman and cruel behaviour persists to this day. All the Care and Protection went to those criminally involved in divesting Freddie of his estate.
Brian Hall took control of my mother's will illegally immediately after her death over a year ago without our knowledge or consent. He then used this Will in favour of my widowed sister, as Blackmail in order to stop her taking action against Cleaver Fulton & Rankin and Messrs Tughan & Co. He proceeded to concoct a Document informing my sister that she could have her deeds of Francis Street and Millfield back and the money left to her in my mother's Will if she dropped her case against Cleaver Fulton & Rankin and Tughan & Co. She refused to sign this document or bow down to threats. My sister had left her deeds in Tughan's office for 'safe-keeping' some years ago and has never seen them, nor her ground rents in Cork, since. Who gave planning permission for this stolen property to be built on by Laing & Co? This document concocted by Brian Hall can be seen by anyone interested in Truth and Justice. How could any decent family expect to get Justice under such conditions?
We couldn't get a solicitor to act on Freddie's behalf because the solicitors had to be interviewed in the first instance by Brian Hall so they sat silent at the Hearings. A QC was told that Brian Hall 'had an ear to the Judge' and did not represent me. Brian Hall was left in control and with a QC working in his interests. Freddie had no one.
We depended on the honesty and integrity of the RUC to unravel the unholy mess created by Brian Hall but unfortunately they succumbed to the absolute powers of Brian Hall who stopped this criminal case in 1983 by constantly interfering in the fraud, the crime squads and the DPP.
If senior officers in the crime and fraud squads and the Director of Public Prosecutions prefer to work under the directions of the Official Solicitor for the Supreme Court who never had any intention of working in the interests of my mentally-handicapped brother, then the family will be forced to use the well-documented criminal evidence given to senior officers by two dedicated and experienced officers, to seek justice outside Northern Ireland.
We would very much appreciate the comments of the deputy Chief Constable.

Yours sincerely

(Mrs) Eileen Wright.

A copy of this letter will be sent to Lord Mackay, my MP and the Media.

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