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My letter to Assistant Chief Constable Chief Superintendent RJK Sinclair dated 14/7/1985.

Dear Sir,
Thank you for you letter of the 10th inst. stating that the contents of my previous letter had been noted.
I would like your office, and so the DPP, to be aware that we are not blind as to the reason why Mr Hall finds it necessary not only to verbally abuse members of my family to my Solicitor but also to write libelous statements to my sister's solicitor.
Mr Hall's letters to me in the past contained many veiled threats but we are treating these attacks with the contempt they deserve. We feel it is a disgrace that anyone should be allowed so much power to say and do whatever he likes in order to silence and intimidate. Why does Mr Hall need to use the most basic of tactics in order to protect everyone but Freddie?
I am glad to know that the Ryland Vehicle Group in Birmingham are now taking action against Messrs Tughan & Co with regard to Freddie's showroom and ground. Perhaps this will help prize open the "doors" to the truth. Did Mr Hall inform the Judge of this action?
There must have been very strong reasns for rushing the sale of Freddie's valuable home through the Courts. Why was Freddie's home treated as a separate issue? Every one of Freddie's properties should have been treated in the same manner. Why and how was this case listed and heard so quickly and why were we not informed until two days before the Hearing? We are now making an appeal to the Care and Protection Office to have this case together with all his other properties re-listed so that Freddie may be properly represented.
It is unbelievable that such injustice to a mental patient can be condoned in the Courts. Why was Mr Hall appointed? It is obvious that it was not to protect Freddie.
We hope that your office will now work in all haste and that you will act on information given to your Department over two years ago.
Ass. Chief Con. H. McCullough intimated to me by letter some time ago that this was in general a civil case but we would like to inform him that it is more than 80 per cent criminal.
What action are you taking with regard to Winetavern Street, Little King Street etc before they are demolished to accomodate part of the large shopping complex?
A final thought - if the Ryland Vehicle Group can be "taken for a ride", how could my mother then 78, now 92, whom Mr Hall wishes to condemn above all else, protect herself and Freddie from the intrusion of these so-called "Christian Gentlemen"?

(Mrs) Eileen Wright

A copy of this letter will be sent to all interested parties.

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