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My letter to the RUC dated 23/6/1984.

Dear Superintendent Pollock,
In order to prevent the perpetration of further crimes, for example, the illegal selling of 60 Smithfield Square and ground, which I understand in now being sold to the present unlawful occupiers, and the selling of Francis St., I must insist that you accord me the same privileges that you allowed Mr Hall, namely, the granting of an iterview with the two officers gracious enough to allow the Official Solicitor, according to Mr. Hall's letter, an audience.
Mr Hall and his colleagues appear to overlook crimes and fraud committed since 1972, long before he was appointed. You are aware that I have been endeavouring to expose the truth for seven years!
Mr Hall's comments are long winded and padded with irrelevances and not worth the paper they are written on. His attitude is that what took place before 1979 is none of his concern.
I wish to be assured by Police Headquarters and the DPP that the paying back of monies by Messrs Tughan & Co and Mr H Wright will not in the eyes of the law compound the felony and be a cover-up for a massive fraud and crimes committed against my mentally-handicapped brother.
Can the DPP and Police Headquarters sit back after three and a half years and allow my brother who is unable to fight for himself to be violated.
As indicated by two eminent psychiatrists and a senior member of the Law Society, Mr Hall has completely ignored the importance of their profession.
I contacted Chief Inspector Rawson (Fraud Squad) at Holywood about two years ago but he declined to act on information given to him, ignored my correspondence and my request for an interview. The family got no co-operation whatsoever even to phone calls to his office. Is this the way Senior Officers do, and are seen to do, their duty to the public?
Your officers appear to back accessories to crime rather than support a consciencious and efficient officer namely Det. Constable Mervyn Patterson, who has worked hard and long in order to expose the crimes for you all to see! I do hope he will be alloed to proceed and be given the assistance he richly deserves by his superiours who, up to now, appear to be lacking in substance when one looks at the time this matter has been under investigation. You are extremely fortunate to have an offficer of such hig callibre and a credit to th force. Why take him off the case now when he has set everything on a plate in order that the police can take action? You should make every effort to assist an officer who has the courage (which appears to be lacking in his superiors) and is steadfast in his duties to seek the truth instead of blocking his investigations in mid-air!

I don't find it necessary to be long-winded or confused as to the facts of the case - I know the truth and I will persist until it is exposed.

If justice cannot be done here in Northern Ireland and the Police refuse to take action I will have no option but to take this sordid mess to the courts of Human Rights with the help ot the Press who introduced me to your fraud Squad over three years ago and who have been constantly in touch.
Could you please answer this question? Do Solicitrs who are guilty of crimes get different treatment by the Police or do the Police just appear to look the oher way? This is not a civil case but a blatant and outrageous case of Fraud!
I hope I will see some action and I will await again for an interview.

Yours sincerely
(Mrs) Eileen Wright

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