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My letter to Assistant Chief Constable Monaghan dated 28/5/1987.

Dear Sir,
Thank you very much for your prompt reply to my letter concerning my brother Freddie Andrews.
Would you also please ask Brian Hall if he got the deeds back from the Ryland Vehicle Group in Birmingham and the deeds back from Neville Hohnston & Co, the late Mr. Charles Gilpin being the main shareholder for Freddie's Smithfield property and ground.
What property did Brian Hall sell to Laing & Co for the totally inadequate price of 150,000 which was pushed through the Courts regardless of what the family said. Did this firm get both sets of deeds? Why was it necessary for Laing & Co to buy this property if their intention was not to keep it but to give it back at the same price to Neville Johnston? Surely one cannot, even Mr. Hall the ex Official Solicitor, pass deeds of Freddie's properties round like a pack of cards? We would like your officers to examine the deeds and find out if they have ever been returned by the Ryland Group and Neville Johnston, to the rightful owner Freddie Andrews, before selling these properties to Laing & Co. Who is in possession of these deeds now? According to Brian Hall, the Ryland Group were taking action against Messrs Tughan & Co for this illegal sale. Was this action ever taken?
Did Freddie ever receive rent for Francis Street?
It was rented by the D.O.E. from Neville Johnston. As Neville Johnston never legally owned this property how did they manage to take the rent from th D.O.E? What was the rent and has it now at this late stage been credited to Freddie's account?
Mr. Hall appears to be satisfied with his so-called "Comprehensive" Reports but the family see nothing of value in them except "hot air". There is no way Brian Hall should be allowed to take over the duties of the R.U.C. or ignore a statement made to the fraud squad by a respected and eminent psychiatrist.
We are now, and always have been, willing to meet anyone at anytime or place to unravel the unholy mess that Mr. Hall appears to have created and something he cannot now extricate himself from. Mr. Hall must be questioned under setion 5 Criminal Law act. It was the family who were forced to approach the Fraud Squad although this should have been the duty of the Official Solciitors. Your office and the Fraud Squad are answerable to the family and not to Brian Hall who has not the expertise or the ability to solve crimes and fraudulent deals. He now says he is only concerned with the civil aspect. Why then did he find it necessay to be in constant touch with senior R.U.C. officers and the D.P.P? This case is 80% criminal and 20% civil. It should not have taken over two years and many Court cases where Freddie was never represented, for the family to clean up the civil aspect.
We approached the Fraud Squad about seven years ago in order that my father's wishes for his son would be protected and that all his properties and monies taken over after the death of my father by the late property tycoon, Mr. C. Gilpin and his solicitor be returned to Freddie. This has not yet been accomplished. Those who assumed power to sell same had no mandate to act for Freddie. My mother, who had no business knowledge, was being manipulated and under undue pressure by this "Christian", his solicitor and his estate agent. He not only took control of Freddie's affairs but my elderly mother's affairs as well. We were unaware at that time of the control he had over my mother. We were naive enough at that time to believe that all solicitors were duty-bound to work within the law. We had no experience of con men and manipulators. If there hadn't been good enough 'pickings', the thieves would not have gathered.
We hope, in time, because of the mismanagement of Freddie's affairs by both Official Solicitors, to have them removed from their absolute control. We never at any time were allowed to see audited accounts since we put Freddie into 'Care' in January 1979. If everything was open and above board, the request to see accounts should have been forthcoming. The idea that the family, at all times, had advice from QC's and solicitors is a figment of Mr. Hall's imagination.
If there is to be respect for the law, it must apply equally to everyone, whether he is a solicitor or a plumber and where there are exceptions these must be properly explained. Justice which is not seen to be done is not justice at all. Valuable time was wasted because the first Official Solicitor, the late Mr. Drennan, left it to the family to approach the Fraud Squad. We must now start from the beginning again.
Solicitor Mr. H. Wright of Messrs. Tughan & Co has now been struck off for three years and yet Mr. Hall wrote his first report after an afternoon's visit to Tughan & Co's office when Wright was present. Mr. Hall even praised him in the Courts as to how he was doing so well selling word processing machines. Has Wright to be the fall guy? Sorry to have to write to you again, but we do appreciate your kind attention. I hope all information contained in my letter will be thoroughly investigated and perhaps may warrant us a meeting with senior police officers.


(Mrs) Eileen Wright.

P.S. Will you please inform Mr. Brian Hall, now Master in the Care and Protection Office, that the late Mr. C. Gilpin, was not a trustee or was there another trust deed with regard to Freddie's affairs?

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