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My letter to Mr. Shaw DPP dated 3/11/1982.

Dear Mr. Shaw,
I have a case in your Department for nine months which concerns the affairs of my mentally handicapped brother Freddie Andrews.
I do understand that nine months is not unduly long for a case of this magnitude but unfortunately because of opposition from certain quarters which should have provided help and didn't it has taken me since 1978 to get it to your office.
I do hope Mr. Brian Hall's appointment as Official Solicitor will bring "fresh air" into the situation and that all aspects of the case will be gone into in detail.
I certainly will not allow a person under any circumstances, and especially because of his mental incapacity, to be taken advantage of.
Mr. M. Patterson from the Fraud Squad has been more than helpful. His kind attention to all details has given me the strength to fight even in the light of so much opposition.
Would it be possible to obtain from you some assurance that this case will be brought to its ultimate conclusion and that justice will be seen to be done.
I do hoe to hear from you soon.

Thanking you,


(Mrs) Eileen Wright.

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