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My letter to Solicitor Sheridan dated 23/3/1996.

Dear Patrick,
Thank you for your letter of the 20th March '96.
All household needs such as groceries, milk, cigarettes, general gardening equipment, any unforeseen immediate repairs, like burst pipes etc., window cleaning , hair cuts, birthday and Christmas presents. It is difficult to give you a set amount. I supply all of Freddie's needs.

Freddie continually soils his clothes and needs many changes of underwear, bed linen, pyjamas, towels and all toiletries. I wash all Freddie's clothes and do all the ironing. Overcoats and jackets are taken to the cleaners. Some underwear I have to throw out.

A social worker accompanied by a senior social worker went to meet Mr. Redpath over two years ago to ask for a television for Freddie's bedroom. I got no response.
After the press coverage by Greg Harkin in Sunday World with councillor C. McGimpsey, Mr Redpath negotiated with Chris that 17,000 should be immediately paid to refurbish Freddie's home and a one-off payment was given for clothing allowance. Naturally I took this opportunity to buy Freddie a T.V. and an easily worked video. Television is a good pastime for him and he loves old films.

Freddie urgently needs a controlled shower fitment. Deirdre Bowers (former Official Solicitor) did not consult me and picked and unsuitable shower. He could be quite easily burned so I have to use the bath which is not hygienic. I have all the blunders well documented an photographed which your office can have at any time. This house was in a derelict state when the Christian entrepreneur and his solicitor informed my mother that she hadn't the money to live in Freddie's well maintained home. The guttering of the house at this moment needs attention and the top of the house painted and cracks on outside walls dealt with.

My son Patrick keeps the lawn and hedges tidy and trees pruned and paints the garden shed. He dumps all hedge and grass cuttings and brushes all outside paths. My mother, then I, had to pay a gardener until he retired. We bought a second hand lawn mower some years ago but I'm afraid it's on it's last legs. We need a new lawn mower and hedge clippers. My son is usually quite happy to come round and do all the gardening.

I have written to Ruby House in Newcastle to book one week at Easter, one week in the summer and one in early autumn. Freddie had one week in Ruby House last year and he enjoyed it very much. He is taken for walks, goes swimming and goes on bus outings and is alwways accompanied even when he wants to hire a video for an evening in. Freddie has no understanding of money values so I leave any spending money in their hands. I sent a note for apprval to Mr. Redpath but haven't yet had a reply. Freddie should be entitled to these short breaks during the year. My mother was never given the opportunity to give him a proper holiday. I can get up to date with the spring cleaning and clean up any washing or ironing. I am constantly in Freddie's company and I'm sure he could do with seeing some new faces.

If at all possible we would love a small conservatory at the back of the house. It gets all the sun right up to late in the evening. Freddie burns easily so he can't get to sit outside during the summer months.

My bank statement for March was 6,100. I have to pay off my car insurance next month of 365.92 and have to get my car serviced before getting an MOT. I also am buying Freddie a new electric razor prior to his holiday and I have paid 60 to recover a chair that was in my mother's bedroom. This would leave me with less than 5,400. I have no other savings. I hope this answers all your questions.

I have already sent the legal aid form to your office - I hope it arrived! I could not fill in anything about his financial affairs. I have never seen the Deeds of Freddie's home. I asked to see them before re-decorating but only received one page.

I don't have a lot of sparetime. Any of your staff would be welcome to call at Freddie's home. No one from the official solicitor's office ever called to see my mother or Freddie.

I am very grateful for your support. I am handing this over to my grand-daughter to put through her computer. I think I am suffering from 'writer's cramp'.

Yours sincerely


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