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From me to solicitor McCracken of John Johnston & Son dated 14/9/1983.

Dear Mr. McCracken,

I refer to our conversation of Friday last. You mentioned the purchase of property in Little King Street allegedly sold by Mr. Morris, a Solicitor, to a Mr. Dobbin. I have it on good authority that Mr. Dobbin did not buy these premises, and paid no money for them. How his name appeared as purchaser on any document is therefore a matter for Mr. Morris to explain.

With reference to property situated in Winetavern Street. This was sold to Mr. Kavanagh by Mr. Charles Gilpin. Mr. Freddie Andrews, the true owner, had nothing to do with this "sale".

I realise these facts must be completely at variance to those you have received from other sources, but since I spoke to you I have checked a second time and found them unaltered. I admit this must seem a bizarre situation to you.

I suggest to get matters clarified it would be advisable to consult the Police who are still pursuing their enquiries.

Yours truly,


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