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My letter to solicitor McCracken dated 23/1/1984.

Dear Mr. McCracken,

I wish to thank you very much for being present on Thursday 16th January at Mr. Hall's office.
I understood we were to have an open discussion but unfortunately Mr. Hall spent so much time telling us about the work he had to do and the long hours he spent on our case that I simply had to excuse myself in order to get home to my mother and Freddie.

I should like, Mr. McCracken, to make it perfectly clear that we as a family have the highest respect for Mr. Jim Davis and we strongly object to the inference by Mr. Hall that he did not do his duty. He tried every way humanly possible to obtain answers from Cleaver Fulton & Rankin but none were forthcoming.

It has been common knowledge since Mr. Bertie Wright took over that the only defence Mr. C. Gilpin and his friends have is to discredit our family and it would appear that some of this has rubbed off on Mr. Hall.

Mr. Gilpin obtained my father's will before we ever knew its contents. He walked into our home immediately after my father died and took complete control of my mother's and Freddie's affairs. My mother thought him to be such a charming Christian gentleman that she would take no warning. He tried to set one against another in order to leave a clear path to the ownership of Smithfield and whatever properties of Freddie's that he needed.

Although he suggested that Billy should buy Freddie's showroom, he never would have let him own it as that just wasn't on the cards for Mr. Gilpin. He was using us as pawns in his game of chess. How anyone cannot see this unless they don't want to, is beyond my comprehension.

Bank managers, estate agents and solicitors appear to be forced to do his bidding. We are the only family who has dared to challenge him and we will persist until as Lord McDermott says - that the smallest detail is open to view.

As you know I wrote to the Lord Chancellor requesting that Freddie's affairs should be taken away from the jurisdiction of the Courts. We want everything back under the control of Miss Sullivan. We have every confidence in her ability to look after Freddie's interests. If everything had been left in her hands, Freddie would still be in the family home and Billy would be selling cars in Smithfield.

If Mr. Hall still feels that Mr. Drennan 's handling of Freddie's case was correct and open to scrutiny, we certainly cannot agree. In our eyes this firm has been completely discredited.

We don't want Freddie to be one of hundreds under the control of the Department of Care and Protection. He must be brought back into the family circle where nothing can be excluded or concealed from us. We will not allow "little mistakes", as Mr. Hall calls them, to be made which are totally against Freddie's interest.

I would not attempt to interfere in your handling of Freddie's case. Your reputation is well known and above repute.
I will help you in any way I can to expose the truth.

My kind regards,


(Mrs) Eileen Wright. nuary at Mr. Hall's office.

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