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From me to Turkington dated 22.12.1985.

Dear Mr. Turkington,

I have to thank you for your letter of the 18th December 1985 and I am most pleased that you have noted all the particulars.

I must apologise for the length of the letter but I am sure you will appreciate it is not possible in a short letter to cover what has happened to my brother's affairs covering a period of over some seven years.

I am sorry that you are not clear regarding the charges that might be made against any specific solicitor but I had thought you might have been able to assist me in this matter with the help of the Fraud Squad of the Royal Ulster Constabulary who have made as I have informed you long and extensive enquiries into the whole business of my brother's affairs and the mismanagement of his finances and property.

If you think there is any ambiguity regarding the allegations in my letter to you or any points that I might clarify for you I should be most happy to do so either in written or verbal form and I would be willing to see you personally at any convenient time to appraise you of the situation. If you would care to inform me of the points you wish more light on I should be pleased to do my best and explain but I thought from my letter to you that you would indeed be able to see the horrifying manner in which my poor unfortunate brother has been treated.

I did not realise when it was brought to my attention that I could state my case to the Law Society of Northern Ireland that it would be necessary for us to employ a solicitor and so incur further heavy legal expenses, which I cannot afford.

Trusting to hear from you at your convenience and assuring you that I with my immediate relations will be most grateful to your society for any assistance you might be able to afford.

Yours sincerely,

(Mrs) Eileen Wright.

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